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 Bamberg Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics

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PostSubject: Bamberg Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics   Sun May 09, 2010 2:37 pm

424 pages | Cambridge University Press (August 30, 1991) | 0521406498 | PDF | 14 Mb

A Course in Mathematics by Bamberg and Sternberg is in a class by itself....The authors have drawn on their wide teaching experience to produce a book whose tone is authoritative, whose vision is fresh, and whose whole feel is original....there is to my knowledge no comparable book, and it is hard to imagine a more inspiring one." Times Literary Supplement.

"I consider Sternberg's book a fine addition to the existing literature and strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in learning how to use group-theoretical methods to understand concrete physical problems." Siam Review

"This textbook (Vol. 1 & 2) is a well-written and well illustrated introduction to the mathematics of modern physics. The combination of mathematics and physical applications provides an excellent learning environment for students of physics and for scientists wishing to upgrade their education. This textbook emphasizes the geometric visualization of mathematical equations, and tries to develop in the student an intuitive feel for the mathematics. Overall, this book is a welcomed introduction to the mathematics required in modern physics." Physics in Canada

"You can find about a dozen books on exterior calculus, that is, the calculus of differential forms, written for physicists. The one reviewed here is the most elementary. It is excellent, and provides a solid foundation....Not only is the mathematics clean, elegant, and modern, but the presentation is humane, especially for a mathematics text." American Journal of Physics. Bamberg_-_Course_in_Mathematics_for_Students_of_Physics_-_Volume_1__defects___Cambridge__1988_.rar
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Bamberg Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics
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