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  Microsoft Windows Multi Point Server 2010 DVD

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PostSubject: Microsoft Windows Multi Point Server 2010 DVD   Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:00 pm

Microsoft Windows Multi Point Server 2010 DVD (EN)-CBRS | 2.72 Gb

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is a new Windows product that allows multiple users to simultaneously share one computer. Those of you familiar with NComputing will understand this concept right away.
Student success is your top priority, so you need to make learning more motivating, relevant, collaborative, and engaging for todays students and their varied learning styles. Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is a cost-effective solution that was designed to help you accomplish your goal.

Top 10 Things You Can Do with Windows MultiPoint Server 2010

1. Give each student a personal computing experience.
With Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, students feel as though they have their own personal computers instead of sharing a computer. User stations use the host computers processing capabilities, but provide a stand-alone computer experience.

2. Provide an account to every student.
You can easily create an account for each student. And students can set their own favorites in Windows Internet Explorer, customize their desktops, customize the Start menu, save and access their individual settings, and work on any user station

3. Easily manage student accounts.
The intuitive MultiPoint Manager interface makes it simple to manage student accounts. You can easily create or delete an account or change a password from one convenient location. Or set up generic or class-specific accounts instead of setting up individual student accounts.

4. Easily share files, videos, and more with and between groups of students.
When you drag and drop content from your Documents Library to Public Documents, the content automatically appears in all other users Document Libraries, so students can share information and collaborate on projects. You can even share entire folders.

5. Create private folders for students to save their private data.
Some folders should be public so everyone can access them - but some should be private. With Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, students can save files in their own private folders where only the student and teacher can access them.

6. Watch videos or listen to music and podcasts without disturbing everyone else.
Plug in a headset or microphone at each station and enable students to enjoy a multimedia experience without disrupting other peoples work.

7. Install an application once and see it appear automatically on all user stations.
Whether you use Microsoft Office or compatible educational applications, Windows MultiPoint Server makes it simple to install software. Just install your program once on the host computer, and it is ready to use on each user station.*

8. Pause your work with the Disconnect feature, saving teacher and student time.
With the Disconnect feature, students can save their working sessions without logging off, but free up the user station for others. If a student needs to leave a user station in the middle of a project, she simply disconnects. When she reconnects-at any station-later, her desktop appears just the way she left it. And teachers can use the host computer to disconnect students who have forgotten.

9. Easily monitor the system.
With the MultiPoint Manager interface, you can monitor and manage user stations easily. See how many stations are being used, which student is using which system, and whether hardware is connected properly.

10. Get updates and patches through Microsoft Windows Update.
You can get automatic access to updates and patches through Microsoft Windows Update and rest assured that your systems are up to date. Support is available from Microsoft or from our authorized partners-and you can get remote assistance for additional help.

* Applications do not come preinstalled with Windows MultiPoint Server 2010. You will have to check with individual software manufacturers to ensure proper licensing in a shared computing environment.


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Microsoft Windows Multi Point Server 2010 DVD
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